Straightforward Tips On Important Elements Of Facial Cupping Alicante

Facial Cupping

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medicinal traditions still being regularly used today, and for good reason. Whether you regularly swear by it or shriek at the concept of needles, millions of people have touted the health benefits of acupuncture . Many claim the Chinese tradition promotes increased circulation, pain reduction, reduced anxiety, digestive health, improved sleep, and even helps manage the side-effects of chemotherapy . So, given this impressive laundry list of benefits , it only makes sense to assume the treatment would improve skin quality and give your skin an overall glow. So, when New York-based Dr. Sarah Emily Sajdak reached out to me about trying one of her Beauty Acupuncture treatments for an article, I was immediately on board. The concept for this specific treatment was born after Sajdak noted the disconnect between the organic food many of her acupuncture clients eat, and the poisons they expose to their skin (Botox was a particular example). Seeing a need, Sajdak developed an acupuncture treatment that combines traditional back acupuncture, the tried and true cupping trend Kim Kardashian is a fan of , and a focused facial acupuncture meant to improve circulation and promote a glow. As someone who has never tried acupuncture in any capacity, I was deeply nervous and excited for the experience. Would it improve my skin?!

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